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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Rape of the Sabine Women

Giambologna /
The Rape of the Sabine Women (3)

Giambologna / The Rape of the Sabine Women (1574-82), Florence. 
Giambologna, born as Jean Boulogne, incorrectly known as Giovanni da
Bologna and Giovanni Bologna (1529 – 13 August 1608), was a sculptor, 
known for his marble and bronze statuary in a late Renaissance or
 Mannerist style.
The Rape of the Sabine Women (1579–1583) is a sculpture by 
Giambologna. It depicts three figures (a man lifting a woman into 
the air while a second man crouches) and was carved from a single 
block of marble. 

Cortona ~ Rape of the Sabine Women
 ~ legends from early Rome ~

..The "Rape" is supposed to have occurred in the early history of Rome, 
shortly after its founding by Romulus and his mostly male followers. Seeking
wives in order to found families, the Romans negotiated unsuccessfully with
the Sabines, who populated the area..

Fearing the emergence of a rival society, the Sabines refused to allow their
women to marry the Romans. Consequently, the Romans planned to abduct
Sabine women, during a festival of Neptune Equester and proclaimed the
festival among Rome's neighbours..

According* to Livy, many people from Rome's neighbours including folk 
from the Caeninenses, Crustumini, and Antemnates, and many of the
Sabines attended..

At the festival Romulus gave a signal, at which the Romans grabbed
the Sabine women and fought off the Sabine men. The indignant 
abductees were soon implored  by Romulus to accept Roman husbands.

Livy is clear that no sexual assault took place. On the contrary, Romulus
offered them free choice and promised civic and property rights to
women. According to Livy, Romulus spoke to them each in person, 
"and pointed out to them that it was all owing to the pride of their parents
in denying the right of intermarriage to their neighbours. They would
live in honourable wedlock, and share all their property and civil rights,
and—dearest of all to human nature - would be the mothers of free men.."

The "Rape" of the Sabine Women.. ~ 
..an episode in the legendary history of Rome, traditionally said to have taken
place in 750 BC,  in which the first generation of Roman men acquired wives
for themselves from the neighboring Sabine families. The English word "rape"
is a conventional translation of Latin raptio, which in this context means
"abduction" rather than its prevalent modern meaning in English language of
" sexual violation"... 

The Intervention of the Sabine Women

Jacques-Louis David ~ painter of the French revolution in a style known 
as Neoclassicism (1748–1825) ) painted the other end of the story, when the
women intervene to reconcile the warring parties. The Sabine Women 
Enforcing Peace by Running Between the Combatants (also known as The
" Intervention of the Sabine Women" ) was completed in 1799. It is in the
Louvre Museum.

The painting depicts Romulus's wife Hersilia — the daughter of Titus Tatius,

leader of the Sabines — rushing between her husband and her father and
placing her babies between them. A vigorous Romulus prepares to strike a
half-retreating Tatius with his spear, but hesitates.

Other soldiers are already sheathing their swords..
// David championed a style of rigorous contours, sculpted forms, 
and polished surfaces; history paintings were intended as moral

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