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Monday, November 5, 2012

"Think about your own battle style.."

The circus princess in aktion ~ The Moscow State Big Circus:

Think about your own battle style..life is about that..  

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A show to live long in your memory..
Ignite your imagination with this explosive all new show.

Be there if you dare!! - It's just TOO GOOD TO MISS!!     

Although there are some differences in presentation, both circuses maintain the same extremely high standards, and are undoubtedly some of the best entertainment available for children in Moscow. Tickets can be hard to obtain, so make sure you book in advance - the theater kiosks to be found at metro stations and in underpasses are purportedly the most reliable source. It's worth the effort to see an unforgettable performance that should delight young and old alike. 


Moscow is often described as the world's circus capital, and the Moscow State Circus is internationally renowned for the skill and inventiveness of its acrobats and clowns. In fact, when it's at home, the Moscow State Circus is two separate circuses, the Big State Circus on Prospekt Vernadskogo, and the Old Circus or Nikulin Circus on Tsvetnoi Bulvar. Unlike the touring version, the circus in Moscow includes a number of animal acts which may offend some people's sensibilities. However, the inventiveness and professionalism of the performers is astounding, and children are bound to be delighted by the dazzling variety of acts.

Handstand act by Victoria 748 / www.maximaaa.com 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3xF9MnURwI ~ link

"Moscow State Circus"

 (Big Moscow Circus)...  


The 'Big Moscow Circus' was opened on April 30, 1971. The size of the circus will amaze you, although from the outside you will only see the glass and concrete roof. Inside, the distance from the floor to the ceiling is 36 metres, but what is really interesting is that the circus has an arena that is transformable according to the type of performance: horse, ice, water, illusions and light. Changing from one arena to another takes only 5 to 7 minutes. This is the only circus in the world that does that. It has an audience capacity of 3,428 spectators. The troupe comprises of more than 800 performers from the very young and new to the very famous. The circus has also hosted troupes from Sweden, China and Mongolia. It's a great place to visit for kids and adults. 


"..Mio my Mio.." is a great movie written by Astrid Lindgren!  


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oqkm7xmYwkk ~ "Mio my mio fairy tale" ~ trailer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3xF9MnURwI ~ "The circus princess in aktion" ~ 

Tales from The Neverending Story:


Bastian finds and starts to read "The Neverending Story.."
"Atreyu" sees The Childlike Empress who tells him about 
"The Nothing" and the Dark Princess.. Bastian
can not resist reading The Neverending Story book. 


The book is about a country called Fantasia: 

Twelve-year-old Bastian Balthazar Bux had lost the wonderful imagination
 he had as a child somewhere between growing older, watching TV, going to
 school and playing with his Gameboy. But when his mother dies suddenly,
 Bastian's limitless imagination is reborn. Bastian comes across a magical book,
 "The Neverending Story " in a curious little bookstore..

The adventure of a lifetime begins Atreyu finds himself in a battle against the
sinister force of The Nothing. This terrible force threatens to destroy Fantasia
and its ruler, the Childlike Empress. Only Atreyu, a 14-year-old Woodland boy
and unlikely hero, can save her and find a cure for The Nothing. The story continues
 as Bastian reads it and both the real world and Fantasia are mixed together.. 


 Bastian comes across a magical book, "The Neverending Story", in a curious little bookstore. Inspired by the book, Bastian creates an enchanted world called Fantasia, inhabited by dragons, dark knights and assorted heroes and villains. The adventure of a lifetime begins when Bastian projects his Fantasian alter ego, Atreyu, into a battle against the sinister force of The Nothing. This terrible force threatens to destroy Fantasia and its ruler, the Childlike Empress. Only Atreyu, a 14-year-old Woodland boy and unlikely hero, can save her and find a cure for The Nothing. Bastian's experiences in the real world; such as his mourning, his new, sometimes tumultuous life with his dad, his problems with a school bully and his terror of a new, sadistic substitute teacher, are mirrored by Atreyu's experiences in Fantasia. Along with Atreyu, Bastian overcomes obstacles, learns important life lessons, and gains insights that help him adjust to the sudden death of his mom.
~ Written by Betty Palik  

The Childlike Empress 


Tales from the Neverending Story:

 "Fantasia" is the whimsical kingdom of "The Neverending Story" that springs
 from Bastian's imagination. It is filled with magical cities, landscapes, plants
 and creatures as well as unforgettable characters, both good and evil. Bastian
 visits Fantasia to find solutions to his real world dilemmas. But malevolent forces
 of conformity and emptiness, embodied by The Nothing, threaten Fantasia's
 very existence. On the side of goodness and light is the Childlike Empress.
 She rules benevolently from the Ivory Tower and represents all the hopes and
 dreams of Fantasians.. 

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 "..I had a dream of thousand delights;
of lips so sweet and eyes so bright.."